Digital Marketing: Discovering Opportunities

for both traditional marketers
& online professionals

Analytics & SEO

Discover what data means to your site, how it impacts your ability to improve your site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and know exactly what your visitors are looking for.

Content Marketing

Content not only lends credibility to your site, but sets you apart from your competition in increased engagement.  Understand how you can position yourself as a resource to your customers and prospects.

Advertising & Search Engine Marketing

Do you understand key components driving your Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?  Determining your overall strategy and setting your budget are just the first steps in a successful campaign.

Getting Social

Social Media takes thought and care in positioning your products or services. Get closer to your customers by leveraging the latest mediums in communicating with your target group in real-time.

From the blog

The Power of Experience

One of the great communicator coaches of our day, Bill Hoogterp, often discusses how our minds are powerful in translating words into pictures and emotions. He alludes if you are able to make that connection, you turn a story into a masterpeice. You not only capture...